Where are they now?

To many, he will always be Greer Childs, chiseled Casanova
from Spike Lee’s inaugural film,
She’s Gotta Have It.  To
others, he will best be remembered as Flash in Robert
The Five Heartbeats.  And to some, his stint as the
pitchman for
Super Sexy Soul Volumes 1 & 2 who responded to
a CD hungry associate, “No, my brother.  You’ll have to get
your own” will be their most lasting impression of him.

He’s John Canada Terrell and however you remember him, he’s
truly one of the pioneers of modern black cinema.  When Lee’s
She's Gotta Have It became the first black film to cross over to
a white audience when it played the world’s art houses, Terrell
had already been a veteran stage actor in New York for many
years.  Lee’s film brought his handsome visage to an
international audience.
September 2, 2009                                                                                                          The Daily Meditator                                                                                                                 www.dangerousfool.com
And now, John Canada Terrell is taking his 35-plus years of
theater experience and using it to create an unusual, thought-
provoking one-man show that explains how the world really
He’s calling it Meditations of a Dangerous Fool and is taking it
to stages throughout the United States in 2009.  John's
meditations reflect the community work that he actively
performs in real life; such as his serving as spokesperson for
The Da'Ron Cox Legal Defense Fund, an organization dedicated
to freeing the over - 20,000 US citizens who have been jailed
for crimes they did not commit (
www.daroncox.org). The
Dangerous Fool doesn’t just pontificate, but he looks at the
world’s problems and offers viable solutions in a world gone a
bit mad.   
Bryan Scott (Buffalo Bills), Chris Mann (The Wire), and Producers Roni
and John Canada Terrell on the set of White Men Can’t Rap
John Canada Terrell
John Canada Terrell in his iconic role as Flash in Robert Townsend’s
The Five Heartbeats
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Mr. Terrell continued acting on stage and in film throughout the
1990’s.  He appeared as Todd in Eddie Murphy’s
Boomerang and
has appeared in more than 40 other films.  His most recent
national stage work was as Berry Gordy in the stage play about
Marvin Gaye, titled
My brother, Marvin.

In 2004, he ventured into the producer’s arena and hit pay dirt
with the award-winning indie feature,
White Men Can’t Rap.  
John said his greatest satisfaction is “working with young artists
and helping them grow into true filmmakers.”

Terrell also played the role of Fleet Walker, the owner of an inner-
city hip-hop club in North Philly in
White Men.